EDGING OR STRAIGHT LINING BOARDS                        $100 per hour

IN HOME ON SITE CONSULTING                                     $50 per hour

SANDING BARN WOOD                                          $1 per square feet

FURNITURE REFRESHING                                          $100 per hour

On site installation available with local contractors or our staff of craftsmen to ensure the right job.

Commercial spray lacquer in satin, matte or gloss 3-5 coats.


SPRAY LACQUER                                                   $1 per square feet

DELIVERY SERVICES                                     $50 per hour + $2 Mile

RESAWING AND STUMP SLICING                                  $100 per hour


Delivery services can include furniture set-up. Advance notice is needed to arrange this service

Sanding and spraying are offered, including repairs.


Your logs cut into lumber or your thick boards resawn to thinner pieces.

INSTALLATION                                                         $100 per hour

We utilize our trained eyes for color, composition, and scale to create a place that you love. We use knowledge of materials and finishes to envision the perfect design in your space.


Full-service interior design work offered in house at no charge.

Sanding barn wood is offered as preparation for other projects.

Straight lining and edging gives a perfect place to start for you or your contractor.